Hello!  I thought I'd share our audition experience with all of you, from a Mom's point of view!  I took my 10 year old daughter and arrived close to 9:30.  The line was super long.  We stood in line for approx. 5 hours.  The line was full of talented kids and friendly people!


The girls were put into groups of 10 and taken to one of several audition rooms.  The bad part about that, was there was only one staff member in each room condtucting the audition.  I couldn't help but feel that, "what if that staff member didn't like someone's talent, but another staff member would've?"  I felt it was luck of the draw for everyone!


I must add that the staff was extremely friendly!  It appeared that there were two types of "callbacks".  Some girls were asked to sing "Tomorrow" after they sang their audition song.  The other/official callback was an additional step, which was mentioned in a previous posting by another person on this site.


It appeared that the girls asked to continue to the "official callback"  were small blonde "Molly" types!  My daughter is not that look, but she was asked to sing "Tomorrow".  She was thrilled to have been asked to do so!!!  I was thrilled, too!  She felt that it was a step in the right direction, for them to want to hear her sing that song!


They told my daughter that more callbacks would be around September.  And they are going to audition in two other states!


I'm glad I took her, but kind of think this might have been more of a promotional event to get everyone excited about Annie's B'way return!  If so, it worked, cuz' we are excited!  No matter what, there's nothing like auditioning in NY!

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