My mom and I were so excited to find out that I had an appointment to audition for Annie on Broadway.  We decided to go to LA a day early so we would not have a long drive.  Tuesday afternoon I started to feel my throat getting soar.  I stopped talking and started drinking my water and took vitamins.  My best friends live in LA so they came to the hotel to visit me and watch a movie.  When I woke up my throat really hurt bad.  I was so upset.  My mom called my coach and he gave me a bunch of instructions but said I could still sing.  I was still worried though.  My mom and I prayed on our way to the audition for a safe drive in LA and for God's will.  We worked hard to get ready for the audition but believe that if it is meant then it will happen.  Two exits from the audition we were in a car accident on the freeway.  We were almost at a stop and someone slammed into our car and spun into the other lanes.  My mom hit the car in front of us.  No one was hurt.  Once we were in the tow truck the driver asked if I wanted him to take me to my audition and my mom said it wasn't meant to be and that I could go another day.  My throat was hurt so I was happy that I was going to wait.  I ended up spending the day with my managers watching their daughter, Selena Gomez, at her rehearsal for her summer concert.  Then I got to do a sleep over at their house and played with their dogs.  I had so much fun.  I got a new appointment for the next day, today!  Only thing is, my cold got worse and so did my soar throat.  I couldn't even breath.  Armed with my lickerish I headed out the door to my morning audition.  I was so nervous because I felt so bad.  I didn't think I could sing.  We prayed again and warmed up on the way.  I went right in as soon as I got there. I sang Tomorrow and did my readings then sang Tomorrow again and read again.  Somehow I made it.  It all worked out and my voice didn't crack!  So now I wait for TOMORROW or someday after to hear more.  Mom always says life is an adventure and for us the last two days lived up to that!  I will never forget my Annie audition.  Good luck to everyone on their adventure... I mean audition!





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