I love playing Annie so much that I am auditioning again!  It is for a local theatre.  It is very small but I am so excited just to audition.  If I get cast I know I will have a lot of fun because the Daddy Warbucks is the same one who is in my videos from the first time I played Annie.


No call from the Broadway audition and no certificate or letter or email.  Mom said they are still looking at videos and open calls.  I think it is great that they are trying to give as many girls a chance to be Annie as they can. For just a few minutes we get to live our dreams. I think that is great!  That is why I like to play Annie because she isn't afraid to go after her dreams.

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Comment by jamey on April 15, 2013 at 4:38am
Beliefe me Felicity, you dont have to feel ashamed or embarrased! I have done Annie 5 times! In fact, it is 6:30 in the morning and I am sitting in the parking lot waiting for the theatre to open so i can go in and do a field trip show! For some of us, the show just gets under our skin and we couldn't get enough of it! I wish you well, my darling, and hope you crush your audition. Unless it is totally obvious, you may not wait to tell them you did the role before. Lots of directors don't want to cast someone who has already done the same role. They are afraid There will be too much "we did it this way the last time I did the show" stuff. Don't LIE about it but don't be the one who brings it up. You are obviously talented or you wouldn't have gotten cast in the first place! Break a leg, Felicity!

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