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Annie in rehearsals at ALT

recently got casted as Mrs. Pugh in the Alton Community Theatre production of Annie. At the age of 32 I outgrew my childhood dream of being an orphan (especially Molly) in Annie, so Mrs. Pugh is fine. It seems like I have came a long way from that kid in the backyard with a blanket over a closeline performing "Annie" for the neighborhood. (Wow....we used to play the soundtrack really loud from our record player out the window).

I have been to 3 rehearsals so far. I can't dance.… Continue

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Online Interview with Robyn Finn - 8/31/06

This is a transcript from an online interview I did with Robyn Finn (original Broadway Pepper) from 2006. For the first half of the interview, I asked Robyn questions sent in by fans ahead of time. The second part was done live. Thanks Long John Silver for transcribing the interview.


From Cecile in France:

1. How and why did you decide to audition for Annie?

I'm originally from Boston, MA.… Continue

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