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Growing Up On Broadway
3 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lucy Jul 2, 2017.

BroadwayCon 2017- Annie 40th
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Cecile Greard Jan 30, 2017.

Senta Moses (Mikan)
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Julie Stevens Apr 27, 2016.


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At 9:14am on February 3, 2017, ZACKS said…

Yes I am a hugh Annie fan! I know Forest Hill Collegiate. It is near a library  and a doctor I go to. I went to Newtonbrook.

 I am a theatre fan in general. I volunteered for The Fringe Festival Next Stage Festival and will be volunteering for The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. I once voluntered at the Rhubarb Festival. Have you heard of those festivals? You get to see the shows in exchange for volunteering. I am also an writer and an actor too. I have an agent did T.V. and a lot of theatre. 

Do you remember what the Lisa Turina production of Annie was like? What was Britney Kissenger like as Annie. She was good in the role. I saw her on the Tonys but she was too young! Annie played by an 8 year old? Uh…. And she was too young to carry a Broadway show let alone that one let alone that role. I thought she was butchy in the role. (No offence) 

I think it was discusting what they did to Joanna Pacitti. I think that hurt the Broadway box office sales. I think it could have hurt Britney Kissnenger's chance of landing other roles. I know Joanna was in The National Tour but got bronchitis in Boston and was fired. (Why: I heard because she got sick and I also heard because she could not act. I have no idea) Britney did Boston and then San Fransisco then Broadway. Joanna was more of the right age for the role and she was one of the best Annies vocally I have ever heard. I think she was the second best. Lila Crawford was the best and Andrea McCartle was the third best. 

How was Allison Smith as Annie? I know she played the role the longest in the origional Broadway run. Roughly about two and a half years. She could have continued to the end but wanted to leave to focus on school. Her friend Allison Kirk (who played Kate in the Broadway company and The 3rd National Tour ) took over. Allison Smith was probably the second best Annie. The best was Andrea McArdle. Do you know what year you saw Allison Smith do the show? If you saw her in 1980 you may have got to see Alice Ghostly as Miss Hannigan. I wish I saw her do that role because she would have been funny in the song "Little Girls!"!! And also because I have seen her so many time play Esmerelda on "Bewitched" (one of my favorite shows) 

What was Louanne like in Annie?

Charlene In Toronto


At 8:44am on February 2, 2017, ZACKS said…

Yes I am from Toronto. I live there now. Never anywhere else. Where do you live?

My mother did not like Annie. Maybe my father was indiffernt to it. I don't know. Unfortunatly they are no longer alive so I can't ask them about it. I wouldn't be suprised if my aunt in California (my mother's older sister) saw Annie when it was at The Shubert with either Patti Patts Louanne or Marissa Morrel. 

Although my mother tried really hard to be a good mother we never got along because we never saw eye to eye and she said stupid things to me like I would not understand Annie. It opened at The O'Keefe Centre around my 14th birthday and would be the perfect birthday present. After that I REALLY wanted to see Annie. I watch bits of the Broadway cast on T.V. then saw the Eileen Quin movie in 1982. 

Finally in 1984 I saw the first dinner theatre production of Annie. It was playing at the Limelight Dinner Theatre. I was the first to phone for tickets and they thought I was a kid who wanted to audition for the show. (I sounded young.) The show double casted Annie (Barbara Redpath and Lisa T¨urina alternated the role) I saw Barbara Redpath do  the role. They also double casted the orphans. (They alternated) One orphan actress was a known local singer who did T.V. etc. I think she played Duffy. She was 20 years old!!!!!!

The girl who played Pepper was curly black haired girl who played Pepper more like a mean girl then the toughest orphan. She looked like one of my kids at a childen's program I volunteered at around that time. (Maybe it was her since she did theatre then.) One orphan was played by actress Elyse Livergant who went on to be in the show "Raisons and Almonds" at The Leah Poslins Theatre. The girl who played Kate in the show I saw was little seven year old girl with short blonde hair who was the producer's daughter and got fired because she couldn't sing and dance. She was replaced by a ten year old actress named Alyson Court who I talked to about it. She was a performing arts school student. The girl in the show I saw who played Tessie was a girl with long brown blonde hair in a tight ponytail who was Jennifer somebody or other. I remember her being wooden in the spoken word part of Smile but then she could really sing the song. The kids who played the orphans I think were being paid $100.00 a week. When I entered the theatre they were still getting ready (it was the first show) They were talking about Jennifer/Tessie's pay check she and Barbara Redpath were peeking out of the curtains to see how many people were in the audience. A few of the ensemble were rehearsing one of their songs. The show was late. The orphans had to double as stage hands for their first scene. They had to bring out their beds. The whole score was played by one musician on a keyboard. 

In 1986 I saw the National Tour with Sara Bethany Reynolds at The O'Keefe Centre. I remember she wore her hair in braids and long with clips for most of the show. She had been on Broadway in "Sunday In The Park With George" She was a very good actress and had the makings of a film or T.V. actress but her singing was just ok. A boy behind me was talking to his mother about the show and giving his critique (He talked like a theatre critic) He said she couldn't sing. (Maybe that was you!) In that production Leslie Castay was Grace Farell and Nicole Anthony was Kate and Stephany K. Seeley was the Annie understudy (She was 14) and one of the orphan cast had sung in "Let Me Play Annie For Christmas". This was a better production then the Limelight.

Then I saw two community theatre productions of Annie. The first one was terrible (there were too many orphans half of them were boys Tessie was Teddy but he was a really good singer Catherine McGregor who played Miss Hannigan could not sing and Annie was played by Melissa Bathory who was 20 at the time! Way too old but she was really good and when on to

At 11:27am on May 31, 2013, Natalie said…

How sweet of you! :)  We're having a bit of a heat wave in New York also.  Unfortunately we have an outbreak of cicadas on top of that so we'll see what the summer holds! ;)

At 1:13pm on November 04, 2012, Rozzy Painter gave old fan a gift
At 1:12pm on November 4, 2012, Rozzy Painter said…

Hi old fan - I remember first seeing you when I found this site some years back. Unfortunately I won't be going to see the show as I live in England, but I'm what they call a "trader" and will share media if you want some (so long as copyright allows me too!)

At 12:00pm on October 23, 2012, JennyH said…

That is so sweet....thank you!

And yeh, this familiar face will be on this forum till it closes down :)

At 10:00am on October 23, 2012, JennyH said…

Help me get to Broadway!!!!
(in the audience any way) here is the link
Scroll down to vote for me (and view my entry...if you want to)
I'd love to go! <3

At 4:53pm on December 13, 2011, José Ramos Filho said…

Good evening Val. First of all, Merry Christmas to you and your family. No problem about accents. Anyway I undestand that is me, it's ok. Great to know your husband is a U teacher...what does he teach by the way? A couple o kids, great. How old? Do they speak French as you? French will be the next language I will learn, but only finish with English , of course.

          About Anita in Spanish, good to know. Let tell you some about Portuguese and Spanish. They are close language, but to understand each other, will still have to study the other language. I am not very fluent to Spanish, but I know that the termination "ITA or ITO" in that language is when you put a name in a short way. So Anita is a short for Ana. Annie there, if you get a spain similar word to it, should be ANA. When you apply that to a child, you will want to make the name smaller, than you add ITA for female name or ITO for male names. In Portuguese, we bring that termination from Spanish but only for names, we don't use those teminations to reduce a name, to put it short. In portuguese we use INHO for male name or INHA for female names. Little Annie should be in spain ANITA, and in Brazil, ANINHA. Well, I think now you are much closer to become trilingual.

By the way, Boston was a heavenly place, and Toronto, a prince dream. Whoever get to know those places do not need any other place, unless wants to come around Brazil.

Val, don't forget to hang your stokings on the door, or Santa Claus coul just fly away. See you soon. Bye. Ps. do you know what is time zone between our countries at this time?

At 7:40am on October 25, 2011, Stage Mom! said…
Hi Val-  Thanks for your kind note!  I'm happy that I'm able to help Betty.  I know how much it would mean to me if I were searching for an Annie item!  I hope the boyfriend appreciates what she's doing! :)
At 2:01pm on October 1, 2011, Dina said…
Just saw this now--thanks Val!!  xo  Will email this weekend.

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