Just a random question.... what is your favourite version of the Annie overture? 

Original Broadway Cast Album:

1999 Movie Soundtrack:

30th Anniversary Cast Album:

2012 Broadway Cast Album:

2014 Movie Soundtrack

I know the Broadway ones are all very similar, but there is something about the 30th Anniversary recording that gives me chills :)

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Broadway 2012, it's when it fades into tomorrow on the flute/piccolo! Gives me chills and a wave of nostalgia rushes over me! Haha :)

I have to go with the original. Simply because I grew up with it and must have heard it thousands of time It really means a lot to me. Also, the majority of productions I have seen started off that way. It still gives me goosebumps

I like this overture, not entirely sure which version it is but it works well for the ice skating routine.

That sounds like the original recording overture.

That's the original :)

I just read an article about the decline of the overture in Broadway Musicals today.  I can't find it again, but there have been various articles over the years noting that new musicals eschew the traditional overture and go straight into the first number or scene.  Shame.

That is true! I never thought about it before, but a lot of shows are lacking overtures. I just saw Beautiful and there wasn't an overture.


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