Why was Kristen Vigard fired from being Annie? If Martin Charnin thought she wasn't good enough, why did he choose her instead of Andrea McArdle? He shouldn't fired her, he should of put her as one of the orphans.

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You might want to watch my documentary film, "Life After Tomorrow," because Kristen, Martin Charnin and Charles Strouse all talk about her firing. The producers of the show felt that Kristen was not tough enough to convey the character in the way that it was developing during the creation of the show. Kristen had a sweeter approach and personality and when they tried out Andrea McArdle in the role, it seemed to be a better fit. Kristen went on to be Andrea's standby on Broadway and went on in the role a few times.

are there any videos or pictures of kristen performing as annie? are there any videos of the full annie performance from 1977 w/the original cast? thank you.

No videos, but there is an audience recording. I have some photos of Kristen as Annie and you can read her Playbill bio here:

thank you.

I think the firing of Joanna Pacitti was far more undeserved. If you read BillBeloni's book Broadwy Tails, you get the impression of political decisions that had nothing to do with talent. I always thought Joanna had the best voice of all the annies...the whole she couldn't act statement seemed a bit wishy washy
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But why was she picked?
As Martin relays it in "Turning Point," Vigard was cast before the songs even existed. It seems that after the score was written and the script was finalized, they decided that Andrea's voice was more suited for the part.
Thank you all!
Didn't they hire her back as understudy for Andrea on Broadway?
They did, she replaced Andrea when she got sick or something like that.

What I don't understand or find ironic is that she was too timid for the score and her acting. Well so was SJP. Why was Sarah ok and Kristin not? I"ve seen Sarah but not Krsten however the clips I've heard are similar in tone.


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