Why hasn't Milly or Sophia from Matilda got to do a live performance

Oona did the view and the Tony Awards and Bailey did Good Morning America. Sophia did opening night but that was chosen randomly. Milly hasn't done very much besides a few small tv spots for the Tony's with Sophia. I feel like Oona is being highlighted as the best Matilda. All 3 of the girls are extraordinary triple threats and each have there different strengths.

In London the Matilda's are always equal. All 4 girls did the Olivier Awards and elise blake and Christina Fray did West End Live.

Another thing I want to mention is that I feel like When I Grow Up and Quiet should be done more for events. Naughty is great but change is awesome too.

Here is a awesome interview I found of the girls. :)

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I'm not so sure it's true to say Annie just waits for something good to happen to her.  She gets herself out of the orphanage, not once, but twice, using her wits and charm, and instead of waiting for her parents to return, she goes out looking for them.  And while she is showered with love and attention at the Warbucks mansion, she still never loses the hope of finding her birth parents, even if Warbucks himself ends up spearheading the search for them.  And while Matilda rids her school of the evil Miss Trunchbull, Annie not only foils Miss Hannigan's scheming, but she also saves the country by inspiring the New Deal!  

hear! hear!

I think both musicals are very simular in that way. Annie has to deal with Miss,Hanigan and Matilda has to deal with Miss Trunchbull. I just find the lyrics to Matilda more inspiring to make you want to get up and if you don't like your story change it. 

'Cause if you're little you can do a lot, you Mustn't let a little thing like, 'little' stop you.If you sit around and let them get on top, you... Won't change a thing!

Annie's song tomorrow or maybe to me is a song about hope. 

When I'm stuck with a day that's grey and lonely. I just stick up my chin and grin and say. Oh

the sun'll come out tomorrow so you gotta hang on til tomorrow. Come what may

Also Annie is 10-12 and Matilda is only 5. (But she could be played older too I think)

The four Matildas are performing Naughty together on Friday, July 26 on Live with Kelly & Michael


DVR is set!  Thanks for the heads up!!!!

I'm going to be traveling.  Can you post it?  I don't know about here but maybe on You Tube.


Here you go!

thank you so much for posting this. I loved it! I saw Oona when I went to the show. It's great to see the other girls now too.

Thank you Kelly!  They did the same routine the original London girls did for the Olivier Awards.  It's a great way to feature each of them while together.

Oona milly and bailey were all 11 while playing matilda

Thanks, Kelly ! That was fun to watch. The girls are so talented and seem like genuine kids. Their British accents are amazing!


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