Why hasn't Milly or Sophia from Matilda got to do a live performance

Oona did the view and the Tony Awards and Bailey did Good Morning America. Sophia did opening night but that was chosen randomly. Milly hasn't done very much besides a few small tv spots for the Tony's with Sophia. I feel like Oona is being highlighted as the best Matilda. All 3 of the girls are extraordinary triple threats and each have there different strengths.

In London the Matilda's are always equal. All 4 girls did the Olivier Awards and elise blake and Christina Fray did West End Live.

Another thing I want to mention is that I feel like When I Grow Up and Quiet should be done more for events. Naughty is great but change is awesome too.

Here is a awesome interview I found of the girls. :)

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I think you're looking for Matilda answers on the wrong forum :P

This isn't a Matilda forum, but I do know a bit about the show.  I did notice that as well.  Sophia had opening night and Milly seemed to be the one reviewed by the majority of the press (all rave reviews by the way).  I'm not sure why Oona got the Tonys after performing on the View, but maybe that was drawn randomly as well.  I saw Sophia live, and she was just the most adorable little thing.  I'd love to see another performance from her at a publicity appearance.

I absolutely agree about Quiet, but I suppose the nature of the song leaves it out of the running for many of these events.  Naughty and Revolting Children are much more upbeat and better for a quick performance or medley.  They might be becoming a bit overdone now, but Revolting Children gave me chills in the theater because of its extreme energy.  Quiet appeals to different tastes, and requires a more subdued setting.  It probably wouldn't have fit into a medley like what was done at the Tonys.

Not sure why there is so much "Matilda" talk in an "Annie" forum, but since we've started. . .here's my two cents:

In response to your question, Sophie, it is possible that the producers like Oona's look or take on the character the best.  While they are all very talented young actresses, everybody has their opinion of what is best and almost always (in situations like these) people have a favorite.  That being said, I was wondering if anyone has seen/heard Oona other than the Tony Awards.  I ask because either she was sick or the song was out of her range.  She acted it quite well, but she squeaked a few times and seemed to be reaching for notes.  Hopefully, she was just under the weather. . .but if so, why didn't one of the other girls perform?

Secondly, why do people keep saying that the role of Matilda is the most demanding role ever for a child on stage?  What about Annie!?!?!  Or Oliver?  Or Billy Elliot?  I haven't seen "Matilda" yet, but it's hard to believe that she has a more demanding role than the ones I just mentioned.  Can anyone shed some light on this topic?  

And lastly, just so I'm not only talking about "Matilda", I just LOVE the way they added tap into "Annie" and had Annie and all the orphans (as well as the rest of the cast) showing off their great tap dancing skills!!!  I also think that it gives the young actresses in the show a little more clout as being a true triple threat and polished performer!

p.s.  In response to my own question (asked at the start of my reply), the reason why people want to discuss "Matilda" in our "Annie" forum is because we all obviously have a great respect for young actresses and are all so impressed by their talent, cuteness and professionalism. :-)

As to why Oona cracked at the Tonys, the key of the song was transposed much higher at that performance than is normally performed on stage.  I'm sure this was done to make the medley work well, but that, combined with nerves, was probably the reason she struggled a bit.

I don't know if I could say that Matilda is more demanding than any of those roles, but it is definitely a raw emotional role that is played by a very young actress, younger than nearly all professional Annies.  I can't imagine a role like Matilda being played by just one 9-year-old 8 times a week.

I agree with Natalie regarding the key of the song and a little bit of nerves to go along with it.

Oona was "my" Matilda when I saw it in May- she was nothing short of incredible.  She also seemed so "tiny" on stage- but when I see all of the girls standing together- she appears to be the tallest!

I think the "acting" part of the musical is much more intense than any part of "Annie".  The "Escapologist" monologue she does goes on for about ten minutes......and that's just one small part of the show.

I also would love to see the other girls sometime- or at least see Amelia and Sophia on tv.  Maybe at the Macy's parade this year?????

There is very little footage of the other girls.  Sophia was my Matilda, so naturally I have a soft spot in my heart for her. :)  She's also the smallest and youngest of the girls.  It's hard to believe she's even 9 years old, because she can easily pass for 6 or 7.  This video contains a very short clip of Sophia singing Naughty, as well as audio of the other girls and some of the West End Matildas.

Here's the four original West End Matildas the night they won the Olivier.

They are such talented and cute little girls. 

I posted about Matilda because it is also a musical starring amazingly talented little girls. And I love to hear the opinions and quick responses from all the members. I think Annie itself is a very demanding role, She is on stage practically the whole show. But Matilda is also demanding since these girls are a little bit younger and the acting is more intense. Matilda for the most party is not a happy and Annie is the feel good family show. I really love the comparisons even the Matilda stars are making about both shows. Said by Milly Shapiro, In Annie she just waits for something good to happen and so does Cinderella. But in Matilda she does something about it. Sophia also made a cute comment. If you don't like your story, you can change it. I think we can all agree that the stars of Annie and Matilda are extremely talented and have a bright future ahead of them! :)

Great post :-)

thank you :) I think it is fine to talk about other shows too

I agree.  


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