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Hi Jello.  I don't think you were rude.  What I like about this board is people have different opinions.  Where does the information come from on your google alerts?  I'm sure a lot of people are pretending to be in the know.  I think Selena is right.  We'll always have the original so love/hate Willow's version won't really change anything.  Whether or not Willow is difficult does not reflect on talent (good or bad).  If they fool too much with the original story it's going to turn everyone off no matter how good the actresses may be.  I think they ruined Broadway last time taking out the Herbert Hoover song.

Elizabeth Ann, the google alerts that I get are through google alerts on google and i get them on my gmal. I have "Annie remake movie"

Also, I think Elizabeth Ann's question was more what sources your information comes from. Are the Google alerts directing you to reputable sites (like newspapers), or is it just people voicing their opinions (e.g. random blogs). If it is just people with no association with the movie just saying 'I heard Willow said/did this', then you can't really hold it out as fact.

I get them from all over including and

No. I do not


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