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I think she could be.  She's talented and sings very well. 


She's already doing that in the remake movie. Besides, shed be awful. She hadn't been in many movies. How can SHE pull off something this big?!?!????!?!??!!!?!?!??? She's an amateur. I don't care if her dad and mom are famous. Her songs are horrible anyways.

A lot of the broadway Annie had almost no experience including my favorite Allison Smith...Even Andrea hadn't done a tone before hand.  Her brother is extremely talented and I would bet she is too.  She has a nice voice and likely great acting skills. 


I am not saying she would definitely be great, but your post is a little rude and she might very well make a nice movie

All of the Broadway Annies had been on Broadway before other than Andrea.

Sarah Jessica, Shelly Bruce and Alyson Kirk had all been pulled up from being a Broadway orphan.

And Allison Smith had actual been in the cast of Evita on Broadway before she landed Annie.

I think the main issue with your post Jello is more the use of the word 'amateur'. Have whatever opinion you like about the girl's talent (as I don't really watch many movies or listen to mainstream music - Broadway nerd - I don't have much opinion on her) but she is definitely not an amateur! She has been in blockbuster movies and has a recording contract - however she got them, I don't think you could get much more professional from a kid her age. I understand how you feel about a movie adaptation butchering a beloved musical - that picture of Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx gives me nightmares!

just wanna point something out in the 1999 version of Annie the girl who played was an amature and i thought she did awsome actually thats the whole reason I came to love this musical through that movie. but then again she is onley doing the part because of her dad. and the other movies annies were picked by a bunch of audtions so i guess theres no telling if she can pull it off, until we see the remake wich im not sure if there still doing... 

She wasn't an amateur at all, having been Young Cosette on Broadway for quite a while.

 forgot about that your right lol. but  still alot of broadway annies had no other experience.

I didn't mean to be rude, it's just that I have been getting google alerts about the remake film and she complains a lot and wants a lot. She wants Brad Pitt to play Daddy Warbucks and she complains. Jay-Z is helping and youtube his version of "hard knock life" and it has the f word and I just don't want an amazing musical ruined. I just feel very strongly about this.

I agree, Jello. I think if they do the remake they'll ruin Annie. :/ also, I don't think Willow is all that great.

I am curiouse to see how they pull of the remake it might not be as magical as the other two but think about this if it is a disaster u always have the original. and who knows it might be decent. 

Thank you, Gabriela and that is a very good point Selena...


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