Which of the Broadway Annies do you think Lilla is going to be like?

Which of the Broadway Original Run Annies do you think Lilla is going to be like? Vocally and acting wise? Just curious for fun everyone's opinion. I know it's just speculation. I know she's not trying to copy anyone. This is just a game.


Julie, I am curious about your opinion.

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well i have never heard her sing, so that's a tough one.

going by her looks, speaking voice and energy I'd say Shelley Bruce

I can see that.

I haven't really heard her sing much, either, so it's hard to say. It does sound to me that she has more of a clear belt, not a raspy voice like Andrea or some of the tour Annies. I love her round face and curly hair.


There's a video off her singing gimme on YouTube when she was younger. Reminds me of Allison


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