Haven't heard anything about her for a long time, I saw some videos of her with her band around 2010ish but she seems to have dropped of the face of the earth. She seems to be running away from her Annie past. I wonder if she will appear in NY when the revival opens... Would love to know what she is up to!

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I don't know what Brittny is doing today but I wouldn't view it as running away from her Annie past.  Brittny returned home after a long time on tour to normal life. 

I wouldn't call it running away either. How many of us keep identifying with something we did when we were children. What do we expect from her? To keep going around talking about something she did when she was10? I think it's healthy that she's not milking her experience. I would imagine it must be hard for these young actresses to go forward with their life with out pain and bitterness if they didn't hold onto something they did so long age. You can't be in Annie forever. (I'm sure Andrea thinks otherwise) It's healthy that she has found other things to do and it's ok that we don't know what they are.

ok i just said it "seemed" like she was running away not that she was, that statement wasn't even the point of my post I just wanted to see what she was up to. Please note this is discussion board not an argument board. 

Having a point of view isn't an argument. 

I always thought Brittny K. may have quit acting because she was exhausted from performing Annie the way she did for several years. It had to be hard for such a little girl to perform drama night after night. Brittny was a serious, stern Annie, for anyone who did not see her, but not "wooden" like they describe other Annies. But now when I think back  it must have drained her because she was so young.

My response was not an argument.  Saying someone "seems" like they're doing something indicates you think they are.  Please note my response was to continue a discussion.


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