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That's exciting. I got some extra money and splurged on a live stream of Annie from the SALT Theatre which was supposed to have done it a year earlier but it got cancelled due to covid. But, I don't mind seeing it twice. :-)

The SALT Performing Arts show was very nice; they had kept practicing the whole time, it appears, and while they had to do the show with clear face shields, I didn't notice them. (But, with my low vision, that's not unusual. :-) So I don't know if others would notice. They didn't include "Something Was Missing," perhaps because of social distancing they felt it was a little tricky to rehearse; the orphans could play around and be a bit closer, but they were more worried about the adults; they probably figured if they could cut one place where there's a warm, close hug they would. But everything else was really cool, and brought a huge smile to my face. (I don't know if it was just me - it could be my mind jst filling in the gap later by imagining this - but it seems like they added more time visually by putting a bit more space between stanzas of "N.Y.C." to give Warbucks about the same amount of "air time," which is fine, a well produced "N.Y.C." should really make the majesty of the Big Apple come alive, and they did that wonderfully. And, they still did a great job of showing Warbucks' character arc.)

By this Christmas, there shouldn't be any worries about social distancing. It is such an important show for the times we live in. It'll be fun to see what little nuances are there. It's such an uplifting show, perfect for these times. Every performance is a bit different - that's the fun of thater.


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