So, after a long search and 25 episodes of aa webseries called "Searching for Annie" that showed the process of the auditions around the country for Annie and the orphans, they finally announced the three Annies and the entire children's cast for the brazilian production of Annie. 

Here follows two links, one of the finalists for Annie singing Tomorrow, and the second the video of when the girls got" the call". It's super beautiful. 


The director and guy who'll play Daddy Warbucks, says that it's a belt song that cheers the audience, and they have to sing it with their hearts. 

"If the day is gray, you bet that the sun will come out
 If the night is dark, follow the light that brings the day of 
 If I feel lonely and hopeless, 

 fI I have a bad day, that's what I'll sing
 Tomorrow is close, 

so stand up and be sure that it will come!
And it brings in a smile
Everything I need 
To see the sun shine again"


"Who is it, Sienna?"
"Yes, it's me"

"Who is it?"
"Are you good?"
"It's Falabella speaking. I'm calling to say that you were chosen as one of the Annies"

"You're joking!"
"No, I'm telling you!"
"So I want to welcome you and tell you that it'll be a pleasure to work with you"

And then they show footage of the girls talking at the auditions, saying that the hardest part is to sing and dance at the same time, that they're trying out for Annie, etc.

I'm really happy about this cast. The blonde girl, Luiza Gattai, was a contestant at The Voice Kids last year and she has a super sweet voice. SIenna Belle was in tv in a soap called "Angel Face" and she's already recorded an album and went on tour, but she auditioned like everyone else and she's really good. Maria Clara Rosis was on The Voice Kids this year and has already been part of a few musicals, such as Peter Pan. I'm going to post more videos and photos as soon as I have them. :) 

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They sound so good and look adorable! I bet it's goign to be a good production!

The girls are great!! Yes, please share more!

So, this is one of the promotional photos. They are being released little by little - this one was in a newspaper today. The Annie pictured is Sienna Belle. :) 

Annie and one of the orphans team. The Annie pictured here is Maria Clara Rosis. 

Maria Clara Rosis

Sienna Belle

Luiza Gattai

Sienna Belle as Annie, Miss Hannigan and another team of orphans

Luiza Gattai as Annie, Miss Hannigan and one of the teams of orphans :)

They look great, I just have two problems: I'm not sure about Annie in pigtails and Miss Hannigan looks too young and pretty.

I don't see any of those as a problem. I like the hair actually, I think it's much better than long hair for example. And the color is good too. And remember that it's just a photoshoot, Miss Hannigan will look a bit different on stage. 

Amo a Brasil! I hope you are able to share some full clips on Youtube 

Sure I will! The show opens in a week, so they're probably doing press presentations soon and I'll have some clips to share. Meanwhile, have this video that the actress who'll play Miss Hannigan posted:

And some more pictures!

Maria Clara Rosis

Sienna Belle

I love the wig and dress!


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