It seems as though no girl has managed to top Andrea when it comes to sheer projection and depth of voice. Am I correct in thinking that Andrea was the only powerhouse? It's kind of funny how they originally replaced Kristen with Andrea (love Andrea, though!) because Kristen seemed too "sweet", and yet it seems as though Shelly Bruce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Allison Smith and Alyson Kirk sang Maybe and Tomorrow much softer and sweeter sounding.

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holy cow! you have seen all those Annies? color me jealous!
Well not in person. :( Just in the video clips Julie posts on this site & ones I've seen on Youtube. Those are great clips so you can rate the Annies.

To be fair, I believe one has to see an entire live performance to judge.

Although one can get some idea of an Annie's voice by the way it sounded on a clip.

Having seen ever Broadway Annie and Joanna Pacitti, I can say that these recordings aren't a clear depiction of each Annie. The quality of the recordings are only effective if you already heard the person in person. There is a missing quality that the non studio recording can't capture. I've heard good things about Rosanne Sorrentino but I don't get it from the recordings. I know Julie mentioned that she was a strong Annie vocally but I don't see it at all from the recordings I heard. I hear no vibrotto or interesting color to her voice. Though in my opinion she looks like the perfect Annie acting wise and look wise. In the movie her voice sounded good to me but not the recordings here.
Well I guess it's a little hard to rate the Annies listening to them through a recording when you haven't seen them live. When you are such a huge Annie fan like me I guess you just have to like them all. They are all great!!!

I would like to go back in time to 1978 and see Shelley Bruce as Annie and Alice Ghostly as Miss Hannigan. I used to watch all the time as Esmerelda on Bewitched.


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