It seems as though no girl has managed to top Andrea when it comes to sheer projection and depth of voice. Am I correct in thinking that Andrea was the only powerhouse? It's kind of funny how they originally replaced Kristen with Andrea (love Andrea, though!) because Kristen seemed too "sweet", and yet it seems as though Shelly Bruce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Allison Smith and Alyson Kirk sang Maybe and Tomorrow much softer and sweeter sounding.

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That is an interesting point especially regarding Sarah. Shelley and Allison Smith had very belting voices. They were similar when heard "live". I've been lucky enough to see all 5 Annies on Broadway. Allison Smith just sounded like Andrea but younger, if that makes sense. Shelley had a different tone than Andrea but was still powerful. Because when I saw Shelley most of the cast with her was also on the cast album with the exception an orphan or two. It was very hard for me to tell Andrea & Shelley apart vocally, though clearly they are different. I would classify Alyson as more loud than powerful. I wish there was a audio clip of Shelley from the show not a talk show. When you hear the full orchestra with the same arrangement as the cast recording it's hard to tell Shelley and Andrea apart at that time. Just my opinion.
I'm kinda confused about what you said about the cast album. The only time I thought Shelly sang on the cast album was in Never Fully Dressed?
What I meant was I had the cast album tattooed on my brain and when I saw Shelley the "live" performance was very accurate to me it almost sounded just like the cast album because most of the people on stage also did their parts on the record. So,it was kind of like hearing the cast album live with Shelley in Andrea's place. She did the job so well that I felt like I was seeing Andrea again. Except that Shelley seemed a lot smaller than Andrea was. I saw Andrea right before she left and Shelley took over. Saw the show twice in 2 months. Now when Sarah came I was kind of disappointed because it was clear that she wasn't Andrea or Shelley. No belt. To me seeing Annie is about hearing "Tomorrow" belted out and Sandy. So I was disappointed in that respect with SJP. Though her acting was good and her dancing was very good. She was a sweet Annie not tough at all which brings me back to your original post. Why did they pick SJP , a sweet Annie and let Vigard go? When Allison came I was happy because Annie was tough again and had a big voice. Hope this makes sense. It does sound confusing
Oh, ok, thanks for clearing that up :)

I agree, I heard SJP's rendition of Maybe in the music player thingy on this site, and I was not impressed.
Rosanne Sorrentino and Bridget Walsh (both 3rd National Tour) had husky voices and big belts like Andrea. Allison Smith had a very powerful was just clear as a bell with no raspyness at all. MommaKnit cracked me up below with her comment about Alyson Kirk - very accurate.
Andrea is the one & only Annie & the best singer of them all.
Nobody is as good as Andrea. She is #1 no dought. I've seen & listened to all the Annies from the Annie Tours to Broadway. Also the best Daddy Warbucks is Reid Shelton-he was perfect & very dynamic. & Dorothy London best Miss Hannigan & Danielle Briesbos best Molly.
JoAnna Pacitti. I saw her live. She was indeed a vocal powerhouse.

Allison Smith was my favorite...Andrea is amazing, but I think had some of the other girls been the "first" Annie they would be considered the best.  Usually the person you hear first is the one you love...they define the role for you.


I started listening to Colm Wilkonson (Les Miserables) when I was 6 years old.  I have heard many Valjeans but none compare...well until I recently heard Alfie Boe...but he played the role so differently and it was the first time I truly appreciated another Valjean.

Alfie Boe is definitely the superior singer, but there's just something about Colm that nobody can outdo - his facial expressions for one.
I agree. Alfie's amazing.  :)

Ok I have several favorite Annie's not just Andrea:

-Allison Smith

-Kristi Coombs

-Joanna Pacitti

-Marissa O'donnell

-Amanda Balon

These Annies I don't like:

-Shelly Bruce

-Sarah Jessica Parker

-Alyson Kirk

-Britany Kissinger

-Tianna Stevens

-Madison Kerth

When you like Annie so much your bound to have more than one favorite when you've seen them all.


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