So, the show opens tomorrow! Yesterday they had their first preview and today they did press performances, so I have some videos to share with you guys! YAY!

Hard Knock Life

(This life is such a horror
 Without support and without love
 We are super mistreated
 We're forgotten, no ones sees us
No one wants to know about us!

No one to kiss us

All we have left is work

No matter if it's hot or cold
Always hunger, always pain

It's a hard life, brother

For us, it's winter all year long
For us, nothing but darkness
If I could, I'd run away from this hell!
It's life without affection and forgiveness

No one sees if someones mistreats us
If we grew, if we're feeling good or bad
If you cry, you'll end up sinking
And we don't see the light at the end!

It's a hard life, brother!
Hunger and probation!
No one gives a hand!
Already without illusions!

I've never seen Santa Claus

It's dead and gone to heaven!

No one wants to listen to us, or hear our voices

It's a hard life, brother!

Molly: Clean this floor until it becomes a mirror so I can see my reflection in it! Now! JESUS I'M TERRIBLE

Who has hair in her nose
Don't listen to what she says
What a horrible drunk one

I love you, Miss Hannigan!

Molly: Clean this room! Get my medicine! Merry Christmas! All she does is lie!

Our lives are terrible
Without support and without love
No one wants to listen to us or hear our voices
No condition here! It's a probation!

It's a hard life, brother!)


(If the day is gray, you bet that the sun will come out
 If the night is dark, follow the light that brings the day of 
 If I feel lonely and hopeless, 

 fI I have a bad day, that's what I'll sing
 Tomorrow is close, 

so stand up and be sure that it will come!
And it brings with its smile
Everything that's needed 
To see the sun shine again)

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Little Girls

It's a horror

It is brutal

Oh poor me 

Without peace

It's the end

It is fatal

If I didn't need the job

I confess, I have only one dream

A man who wants to conquer me

But no one wants me

I am a woman

With so many little girls to take care of!

They're too much

They are hellish

I will confess you my wish

If I could wrnch

Every little neck 

That I see!

There are people covered in fur coats

Earrings, bracelets and rings

And I am here

Always here

Look at what I've got here

It is cruel!

Pepper: You cheated!

Duffy: No I didn't!

Pepper: Yes you did! You looked at my cards...

Miss Hannigan: Shut up! I'll kill you! I've decided: death will be! It's only two of you, no one will notice! Death it is!

It is tiny

It's the worst 

Having so many little girls by my side

If I could vanish from here

I would have made a huge damage!

Ah, if I could rattle them!

Give them more slaps and pinches

And disappear! And run away!

Because living with them is

A curse!

(I must add that this wasn't one of her best performances. I saw the show two more times in January 10 and 11. In the 10th it was her understudy, who was amazing, and on the 11th she KILLED it!)


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