So, the show opens tomorrow! Yesterday they had their first preview and today they did press performances, so I have some videos to share with you guys! YAY!

Hard Knock Life

(This life is such a horror
 Without support and without love
 We are super mistreated
 We're forgotten, no ones sees us
No one wants to know about us!

No one to kiss us

All we have left is work

No matter if it's hot or cold
Always hunger, always pain

It's a hard life, brother

For us, it's winter all year long
For us, nothing but darkness
If I could, I'd run away from this hell!
It's life without affection and forgiveness

No one sees if someones mistreats us
If we grew, if we're feeling good or bad
If you cry, you'll end up sinking
And we don't see the light at the end!

It's a hard life, brother!
Hunger and probation!
No one gives a hand!
Already without illusions!

I've never seen Santa Claus

It's dead and gone to heaven!

No one wants to listen to us, or hear our voices

It's a hard life, brother!

Molly: Clean this floor until it becomes a mirror so I can see my reflection in it! Now! JESUS I'M TERRIBLE

Who has hair in her nose
Don't listen to what she says
What a horrible drunk one

I love you, Miss Hannigan!

Molly: Clean this room! Get my medicine! Merry Christmas! All she does is lie!

Our lives are terrible
Without support and without love
No one wants to listen to us or hear our voices
No condition here! It's a probation!

It's a hard life, brother!)


(If the day is gray, you bet that the sun will come out
 If the night is dark, follow the light that brings the day of 
 If I feel lonely and hopeless, 

 fI I have a bad day, that's what I'll sing
 Tomorrow is close, 

so stand up and be sure that it will come!
And it brings with its smile
Everything that's needed 
To see the sun shine again)

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I really love the design for this production!! That tomorrow is lovely too :)

I have no way of judging the accuracy of the translated lyrics, but they bring out the existential horror of the orphans' situation rather more than the English-language version does. I am especially struck by the idea that Santa Claus is "dead and gone to heaven." 

Well, I have studied linguistics in college and I've studied a lot about translation. One of the main things is that the words need to tell something the audience will understand - and that means changing things a little bit,because of the sound and grammar of the language. To make things short, if the translation brings the same essence/meaning to the song using words correctly, it is a good translation. As for myself, I think it's a very good version, because, as you said, it brings out a lot the horror of the situation the kids are in.

And in the several years I've been an Annie fan, I've tried to translate the songs several times, and that Santa Claus part was the hardest, because my language doesn't allow anything similar to "What's that? Who's he?" in the rhythm of the song. The producers thought of a very nice escape for this one! 

Oh, please understand, I didn't mean to criticize the translation! It made me realize how easily I forget the orphans' real plight because I am so used to the English-language original. I recently saw a local community production of the show with a friend who wasn't sure he'd enjoy it (he'd never seen the show) because he knew it involved children suffering. He came away saying the show was one of the most delightful things he'd ever seen. 

So seeing the familiar through fresh eyes like this really does remind me that, were Annie a real-life story, life in the orphanage under Miss Hannigan's drunken and tyrannical rule would not involve nearly so much singing, dancing, and fun times :) (This is one reason my wife doesn't care for the 1982 film's production of HKL - she says it looks like they're having entirely too much fun.)

I know! I was just giving an explanation because I am teacher, so it's how I react to pretty much everything hahah I'm so sorry if I sounded rude! 

Thanks for the translation, very interesting!

"Eu só preciso de você" (I don't need anything but you)

Warbucks: Annie, I'm happiest man on this planet!

Annie: And I'm the happiest girl in the world! 

We two are one
A serious case
A true love story
Without any mystery
I don't need anything else to live
All I need is you!

You showed me 
That there's still hope
And I've never thought
Of having a kid

I got a dad
And a special family!

All together 
On Christmas!

My past was  sad 
All bad things are gone!
(Are gone)
My past was sad
But now
It's gone
For good!

I don't have a buck
No problem, Annie! I am very rich!
If you say no
We can make a deal

And if tomorrow
I don't have what to eat
All I need is you!

A true friendship
A happy encounter
A long lasting love
Who wants to be happier?

That pair is the pair!
Full of sweet affection!
It's so good to know
That you're together!
And I'll repeat so that you won't forget:

All I need
Please tell me!
I will tell!
All I need is you!

Thanks again for the translation.


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