video up of Lilla Crawford at "Dont Quit Your Night Job"...

She does a madlibs version of "Tomorrow"... FYI---- some innapropriate words for kids, but her voice is as powerful as ever!!!! version of "Tomorrow"... some words not appropriate for kids, FYI!

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I understand but there are a number of shows and movies out there written for even younger kids to use even more adult words and phrases. It's not really an uncommon thing in the entertainment business (Broadway included) for young children to sing songs or speak lines from a script that use these kind of words. And if it is on Broadway, it's said or sung usually every night. And Lilla, again, isn't really a kid anymore, she is pretty much a teenager now.

I consider 13 a kid! Very much so. Different opinions, that's fine.

Yeah but in Billy Elliot, she was saying lines like, "If you want, I'll show you my hoo hoo" fed cryin' out loud!

Yes, but those lines served a purpose in the larger scheme of the show. I don't think that this one night concert is going to have a negative effect on Lilla either, but it does feel a touch exploitive to me. 

I bet Lilla will do great in Into The Woods! She looks so grown up! But I do find it weird coming from her. 

Whether they're appropriate words for a 13 year old or not really isn't the point; nor the effect on the child saying them;  the point is that there was a ton of publicity surrounding Annie.  Lilla was thrust in the spotlight and did all kinds of shows for kids, etc.  IMO there is such a thing as a public image and a responsibility that an actor has when they have a following of young people who look up to them.   Imagine if Aileen Quinn had done this?  Shirley Temple?  other notable child stars from years past?    It's just sad.  It's not like it's Miley twerking....but in a way, it's in the same category of class-less stuff and you have to wonder exactly why it's necessary.   In the context of a show is one thing, but this is just different.  Kids who love the show, watching Annie stuff on youtube stumble on this and it's just sad.  

I highly doubt that this will "ruin her public image." I highly doubt this will do anything at all. Just like she is growing up, she is growing out of Annie. Same as the children who saw her on Broadway, they will grow up too. Just like Aileen Quinn, just like Shirley Temple. While I agree, this was shocking (my mouth dropped and eyes widened when I first heard this) I don't find it classless or sad at all. This won't have any negative effect on her or her reputation as a performer in any way.

Her role in "Into the Woods" includes her as Little Red Riding Hood and the sexual undertones between her character and the Big Bad Wolf (played by Johnny Depp in the film). That too won't do anything to her image. She's growing up and growing out of Annie which is a wonderful thing. She can't be Annie forever, nor do I think she wants to be Annie forever. This isn't anything like other child stars who want to grow up too quickly. She wants to grow up and is doing it smartly.

One can grow up without using vulgarities in a setting like this.  As someone pointed out, she was totally set up for this..  And I'm very familiar with Into the Woods; I saw it two weeks after it opened on Broadway.  The point isn't growing up, the point is having class.  Let me put it this way.  If you were 13 and you were on stage using words like that NOT in the context of a play or show; but as yourself..and your father was in the audience, or your would you feel?.  Or you as a parent saw your little girl performing this song with these words, would you feel "good" about it?  That was my point.

If I had a 13 year old daughter doing something like this in the context of a one night only showcase, of course I would have trepidations but I wouldn't forbid it. It was a one night only showcase in a room filled with mostly other people of the Broadway community. I'm sure Lilla's mother had some trepidations about it but this doesn't take any class away from Lilla in any way shape or form. Lilla isn't the first to do something like this and definitely won't be the last. This entire thing is being overblown and taken far too seriously. I don't see Lilla in a different light other than the fact that she is growing up. And I think everybody else shouldn't let this one thing change anything at all.

I agree with Kelly - growing up does not require becoming comfortable with vulgarity.  And I don't fault Lilla for this - at all.  Adults should know better than to get their laughs from inappropriate language from a child.  The clip with Emily wasn't much better - in fairness, I shut that off pretty much as soon as I saw the little boy swigging from a flask.  Ugh,  Not amusing.

Well, well done, folks, you've successfully made a mountain out of a mole hill.

This is an opinion board, Matt. With no opinions, no forum.People often differ in viewpoints.

And it is a bigger issue than just the one or two songs by Lilla and Emily. The question of what is right or wrong for a parent to allow their child to do has been touched upon here. Children in show business are more vulnerable than the general public's kids.Their parents have to make decision for their careers very carefully and their rights be protected.


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