video up of Lilla Crawford at "Dont Quit Your Night Job"...

She does a madlibs version of "Tomorrow"... FYI---- some innapropriate words for kids, but her voice is as powerful as ever!!!! version of "Tomorrow"... some words not appropriate for kids, FYI!

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Omg!! Love it. She looks so grown up in this video.

wow, how old is Lilla? Some of the things she says in this seem awfully inappropriate and i feel like she is just the right age to start actually knowing what they mean. I'm surprised they let her say those things. I'm honestly the opposite of a prude but laughing at those things (fingering, douchebag etc) coming out of a 12...13..?...year olds mouth doesnt seem right to me. 

I agree with Meghan. It just felt weird and inappropriate. I'd of been mortified if I heard those words coming out of my little girls anytime but particularly when they were 12 or 13. Can someone explain what this concert is about. Are the audience members picking the words? Did her parents get a chance to read over this first? Everyone seems to be enjoying it immensely but I would imagine it to be very uncomfortable. I get that when acting you may take on a persona that is harsh and quite opposite of yourself, but this performance doesn't seems to fall into that category. I wonder if she knew what these things meant or if she had to ask her parents afterwards. I don't know what kids that age know nowadays. I know I didn't, but that was a long time ago. If I just heard her voice she sounded really good. I'm not sure if she sang a couple notes lower but her voice seems more mature and deeper than last time when she was Annie.

Yes, the audience picks the words. It's like a game of madlibs, so the MC asks for a noun or an adjective, etc, and the audience yells out words, but they don't know the context. The performers don't get to see the new lyrics before they go onstage, so I doubt that Lilla's mother looked them over. But these versions are ALWAYS dirty, so I would assume that they new what they were getting into. I know twelve year olds who say douchebag, so that didn't bother me so much, but I agree that fingering was mad inappropriate. I don't think they've ever had someone as young as her do the show, so I'm thinking that it probably wasn't totally thought through.  

That was very disturbing to watch. If it had been performed by a fifteen or sixteen year old, I wouldn't have had that much of an issue with it, but watching it be performed by a twelve or thirteen year old just seemed inappropriate.

Found this one, this time with Emily.

Nowhere near as disturbing....LOL!!!

Maybe not as disturbing, but still not exactly appropriate content for an eight year old (or whatever her age). Guess that's show biz though,

You should hear some of the stuff they get the young voice actors on South Park to say!

I agree. Totally inappropriate for young girls to be singing. What are their parents thinking ? With so many messed up child stars or ex-child celebs getting into serious trouble and downward spirals, I would try to protect my  daughter's childhood and not allow her to sing questionable material like this.I didn't find it funny at all; I think it's sad to come from Annie, a wholesome fun show, to participate in performances like this.

Lilla is just about 13 years old now. While I agree this is a bit shocking, I don't find it completely inappropriate. I've heard 13 year olds say things much worse, I've heard 10 year olds say things much worse. Besides, Lilla is portraying the role of "Little Red" in the upcoming movie "Into the Woods" and some might not find that inappropriate.

I think you are taking this a little too far. There is no chance that this one little "Tomorrow" parody will cause Lilla to become a messed up child star getting into serious trouble. Again she's almost 13, she probably already hears things worse around her so I don't find it that much of a problem. She's simply growing up and learning more and I don't find a problem with that.

Now if it was Emily who sang this then I would question it, but since Lilla is pretty much 13 now, there really is no big cause for alarm.

Plus it's a one-night only thing.

For cryin' out loud, it's not like they were asked to recreate scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street!

Just because kids know certain words or gestures does not mean they should sing about them in public. Maybe my being a  parent has shaped my views. I didn't mean Lilla was going to end up in rehab from doing this; I merely think it was an unwise choice for her parents to make.A stage parent has to be extra vigilant. JMO.


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