Update on Celinde Schoenmaker (Tessie in Annie de Musical 1997-98)

Any Dutch musical fan will probably know what Celinde is up to already. She's been Fantine in Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatre in London for the past year, and was Fantine also in 2012-2013. She currently has 3 weeks left of playing Fantine before Rachelle Ann Go takes over on June 15. So if you're in London in the upcoming weeks I definitely advise you to go see the show because not only is Celinde's performance tear-jerking, breathtaking and astounding, but the entire cast are the most talented and genuinely lovely people. I've seen Celinde in the role several times and had the pleasure of meeting up with her again yesterday! She is doing well and everything seems to be fine with her, although we did not discuss what she has planned next. I showed her my Annie programmes and she laughed and said she would look to see if she had any photos from Groep Lilla as I have none of that group of girls aside from the programme. 

Here I am with her in all her loveliness

Her hair is still pin curled under her cap, bless her

And for anybody's interest I shall attach the programme pics

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Just been confirmed, Celinde is going to be playing Christine in Phantom London!!!


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