Tune into the Tony Awards this Sunday. I think Lilla Crawford may be performing or appearing.


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Oh, I think this dress is pretty close and is cute.

I didn't know if this would be the dress actually used in the show.

Why is everyone assuming this is the dress and wig she'll be wearing? I never had that thought. It's likely just something they threw together for her appearance. I highly doubt the production team would reveal *anything* from the show before it even starts rehearsal.

Calm down everyone! :o)

While I don't expect Theoni Aldredge's specific original designs would be used...(Although she nailed them!).I believe the original concept of Annie and Warbucks finally resembling the comic strip characters in the last two scenes should be my opinion, both films dumped this with unsuccessful results... Harold Grey created the red dress and tux with diamond stick pin as identifying costumes for his characters...for example... would one change Charlie Browns yellow shirt with the black zig zag just for the sake of being creative? These looks are historical classics.

Yeah, there's something weird about the wig at the back. It doesn't seem to sit properly. Maybe it's too big on her? Or maybe she doesn't have a wig cap on (fair enough when she's got the rest of the awards to sit through...those things do wonders for your hair!)

I wouldn't think that dress is her costume. Surely they're anticipating that she'll grow a bit in the next few months & they'd need to make alterations. It wouldn't surprise me if they'd just hired a dress (& maybe the wig too). I don't mind it though, it's more girly I think!

 A white belt would definitely help the dress!  It looks a bit more feminine and fancy than the old dress.  I wonder if it's what they'll be using? 

Cut them some slack guys. Remember a few things, as NPH states, ANNIE isn't due back for months so they still have time to perfect and fix things. Also, Broadway is big. That red hair needs to be seen from way up in the last row of the balcony. Especially at a theater like the Palace. As for Lilla, I think she's adorable. She just might be our biggest Annie since...well Andrea!

I hate when people do that too. They say why see it on Broadway when you can see it locally. Locally where? Your local middle school? NO, stick with Broadway. You might have to pay a little extra, but it will be worth it!


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