Tune into the Tony Awards this Sunday. I think Lilla Crawford may be performing or appearing.


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Oh I thought it was cute. Besides, this isn't "her" Tony's. I am sure she will get a chance next year :)

This was a perfect sneak peek of the new Annie!  I agree with Jenny...anything more would have spoiled the anticipation....Trust me she will be every where next fall.If they don't continue the "tradition" of FIRING the first one cast! ;)

Thanks for the link Jenny! I missed the first hour!

The wig seems a bit too long, in my opinion, but she sure looks cute.

I agree 100%/  I hope they use the original design.

With all due respect to the late great Theoni Aldredge's wonderful original costume designs, the new production has an all-new design team and costumes will be by Tony-winner Susan Hilferty (Wicked), who is a great talent in her own right.   The new production will not be using the original designs.  


i think that's all i can say for now

I think she looks cute.  There is nothing wrong with a little change. Annie is a great musical and I think they will be true to the story, but they also have to have a successful I would guess there will be a different look...probably more dance as well.  Dance sells on broadway more now

oh she does look very cute!


it's like if Joseph's coat only had 3 colors.

the huge deal of her meeting Daddy Warbucks at the bottom of the stairs is she is in the iconic red dress and red curls and he has on the Warbucks tux!

I get your point...but I also think that a lot of people on here will be dissapointed then...I doubt this is going to be similar enough to the original to satisfy "old school" fans.  I anticipate a very different look to this revival

I think the dress is just a sticking point with me and I would be open to a lot of other changes.

As long as none of the major roles or songs were taken out.

I don't think the dress is bad. It's certainly different. Maybe if she had a white belt, instead of red, it would look closer to what you're used to.


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