So I was going through and deleting files on my mom's computer because it was running slowly and she is technologically challenged, and I came across a recording I apparently made of myself singing Tomorrow. I dont remember, but If I were to guess I would say it was probably from the last time I did Annie Warbucks, so I was probably about 14? (I'm 19 now). Anyway, I thought I might as well share! The sound quality is not very good, keep in mind I was probably just sitting bored on the computer one day and decided to record it.

I uploaded it to my page. I think if you click to my profile you can find it on there under my music. 

Enjoy! and bring on the critique! lol. 

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Wow thats amazing, Well done :)
Very nice!
Hey Meghan, that was beautiful! You sounded young enough there to be Annie. That was a real pleasure to listen to; your voice has a quality that makes you really feel the song. Thanks ! =]


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