Hi there... I don't remember who on the forum is posting videos to Youtube under the name wen6pak... PLEASE accept my apologies, life it crazy busy here right now and I just can't remember.

Anyhow, I was looking at some of your videos today. The Turning Point Search for Annie videos specifically and it cut out at the end and now I just wanted watch the whole thing. I happened to see one from the middle.

Do you have the whole special up there? If so, can you please let me know what order they are in to watch it from beginning to end? Hope that makes sense, I am just curious to watch the whole thing through as I have ever only seen clips of it. :)


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I will upload the entire story. Just give me some time. I'm uploading the videos slowly because I have to edit them, convert them, and it takes time to upload.
Thanks Julie,

No rush, I was just curious if the whole thing was up on her youtube page and I had no idea what order to watch them in, because I didn't see like "part 1" "part 2" or anything. Though I could ust be missing it. :)
Whenever you get the chance fine, but would you mind posting to let e know when you are done, 'cause knowing me, I will forget all about that, lol. :)


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