The last production of Annie that I did, the producer said she was going to take select cast members to New York and see The Tony Awards.  With that being said, they made a great deal of claims that they didn't or weren't able to see through on.  Something tells me you don't just "buy" tickets to The Tony Awards.  I sort of wonder if the producer didn't fly a bunch of kids to New York and show up at the box office and say "16 tickets please!"  

Jennie, you said you were at The Tony Awards. How does ticket distribution to the Tony Awards work?  I am sure if you are Tom Hanks or Audra McDonald they just show up in the mail, and I also suspect that after they distribute all of the tickets to people like that, there are none left.  Is there some way for the average citizen to attend The Tony Awards?  

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no, you can't just show up and buy tickets that night or anything. but, regular citizens can and do go all the time. I do believe you were able to get them through the Tony's website.

There are actually LOTS of tickets left after people like the celebrities you mentioned have gotten theirs. Radio City Music Hall seats 6,000 people

Ticketmaster sold the tickets on the Tony awards site to the show at Radio City on the day they became available( day of nominations announcements) to the public.

Rachel S, a long-time poster from this forum, works for the American Theater Wing gave me this info. Jenny, you concur. Glad you were able to go!

thank you! I had a great time!

I heard on facebook they did do a student rush tickets for tony


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