The six original run Annies on "CBS Sunday Morning." tomorrow

L’image contient peut-être : 8 personnes, personnes souriantes, personnes debout

Barring any breaking news, CBS Sunday Morning will be airing the piece on our Annie 40th reunion this Sunday. Click the link below to see when it airs in your area.

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Thanks so much, Cecile! I hope it's posted here, too. Great find.

I wonder why Kristen Vigard is included although of course it's nice that she is! Didn't she just play Annie for a week at Goodspeed and then as U/S? Also, too  bad Robyn Finn did not attend the Back to the Orphanage performance.It was fun to see the ladies we knew only as little girls, and how close some seem after these 40 years.

I just love this 'old' stuff!

kristen was hired as the stand-by i believe when the show moved to broadway since she already knew the role.

not sure how long she stayed with the show but she did get to perform the role on broadway.

i think it's wonderful that she's included in this.  she's part of the legacy of the show and should be treated as such.

Bummer, I missed it!  Did anyone record it? Hope so!!

here the clip

This was so wonderful!! Glad the 40th Anniversary is getting recognition.

Thanks for posting Cecile, nice to see how everyone has matured.


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