I wanted some theater fan opinions on this.

I recently went and saw Finding Neverland on Broadway.  I LOVED it.  The music was fun, the acting and singing was GREAT, and the special effects were tasteful and added to the quality of the story.  After seeing it I of course was all over youtube and trip advisor seeing what other people thought.  It seems to be overwhelmingly popular and everyone on my bus tour was also pleased.

Now the official reviews.... they generally BLAST the show(which may or may not at least be somewhat about their hatred for producer Harvey Weinstein).  They blast a couple cheesy jokes, the music is too "pop" like, the story too forcefully sentimental... it goes on.

Now the show is not perfect and some criticism is fair, but I feel like today reviewers think a little too highly of themselves... The show is not particularly innovative, but does that mean it deserves to be blasted?

Shouldn't a reviewer take into consideration the target audience?  Should they take into consideration the fact that audience members are on their feet before the first ensemble members finish their bow and leave the theater smiling and happy?  Broadway is struggling right now and I think a lot of reviewers are trying to control what shows last and which ones don't.... seems like a lot of good shows are getting killed before they have a chance.


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And I was just told (and confirmed myself) that Wicked received pretty harsh reviews.  While Wicked was definitely not my favorite show... I enjoyed it. 

I really think reviewers are just giant snobs

The thing to remember about reviewers is it is their OPINION.  And you know what we say about OPINIONS, don't you?  They are like armpits: we all have them and most of them smell!

Lol!  Yes, but I think when you are publishing an opinion as your job, you need to consider the audience

I understand what you're saying and it's unfortunate. Finding Neverland is a show I was on the fence about seeing and after hearing the reviews, I decided I probably would skip it. It is true though that lots of Broadway hits have flourished after getting terrible reviews.

I will tell you that EVERYONE that I know that saw it really enjoyed themselves.  There were a few cheesy jokes, but the audience was also laughing a lot.  I definitely got teary eyed in a few scenes, and the last song in Act one was mesmerizing. 

The songs were a little "pop" like but not nearly as much as the reviewers stated and many of the numbers were pretty traditionally broadway styled.

Check out these rehearsal clips (keep in mind that Morrison is not mic'd)  If you really don't like these then you probably would not like the show.

While I was initially disappointed Jeremy Jordan would not take the lead role to Broadway, I was pleasantly surprised with Morrison. 

It's a pretty standard family musical that I thought was well done


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