In Annie who is bert heeley in never fully dressed without a smile reprise? because in the 1977 version with Andrea mcardle Tessie was Bert healy and in the 30th anniversary Duffy was Bert healy. also who did the best never fully dressed without a smile reprise(cast wise)my choice is the 1977 one.


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I really like the version with Amanda Balon as Annie and Annalisa as Molly.

Actually the who cares what there wearing solo was sung by July on Broadway. I saw the second national  many times and Duffy was the one that sang in in that cast. So even back then they changed things up a bit. Not sure why,


The "Who cares?" solo was done by July (Janine Ruane) in the OBC but the "Hey hobo man" solo was done by Tessie (Diana Barrows). For the "Hey hobo man" solo, I think they just go with whichever actress they want to have do it. The 1997 Broadway revival had Duffy (Mekenzie Rosen-Stone) doing it.


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