Taylor Richardson in new Annie Movie, Brooklyn Shuck as Matilda

Brooklyn sings Quiet and Naughty

Taylor Richardson is "Red haired" Annie

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I totally agree with you Jenny, this is my absolutely favorite.

Hers is good too but I feel the emotion in both Lara's voice and her acting much more- I believe her as Matilda- but then again that is my opinion

This is my favorite too!

She has a nice voice but I feel she is trying too hard at the beginning and I can't totally believe her

That's probably how she did it on stage. It would read much better there.

Yes!  Hayley's video was what made me fall in love with this song (and the show)!  You can see the emotion so deep-rooted in her eyes and it pours out of her.

I think those recordings were very early. It takes the girls a bit to learn to manage their breathing. They always sound like that at first.


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