Taylor Richardson in new Annie Movie, Brooklyn Shuck as Matilda

Brooklyn sings Quiet and Naughty

Taylor Richardson is "Red haired" Annie

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Thank you! I wonder what that means "red haired Annie"?

probably a throwback to the original

From what I've heard, this "red haired Annie" will be a school friend of Annie. 

I think you can really see how talented Brooklyn is from her Quiet performance...Naughty is cute but the creators have the girls moving so much  in the number it comes off very staccato and not very musical at times.  I still can't believe she was a swing at age 7 and responsible for so many parts...very talented little girl...hope she is having fun

True that! I've always thought the kids sounded more powerful in Quiet. Brooklyn is extremely talented. Loved her performances. She has a bright future.

I know what you mean. The girls sound a little breathless in Naughty. The British cast did not and I know they mentioned a lot of physical workouts-maybe that makes the difference or just plain experience? Brooklyn needs to work on the British accent a bit- but that's pretty difficult. Better than the NY one! She does a great job though and looks the part.

They had the new cast tone down the accents since audiences were complaining about not being able to understand the actors... all the girls sound similar

I have seen Matilda 3 times and have been blown away each time!! The first Matilda I saw (Bailey Ryan) had the strongest accent and was the most difficult to understand. It just amazes me how someone so young can memorize all the lines. It is one of my favorite shows of all times.

You're right.  I saw Fina Strazza in September, and she had a similar accent.  I don't understand how that's toning it down though; it doesn't sound English anymore.  The way they pronounce their R's are very odd, and it was distracting when I saw Fina.

On the other hand, I saw Sophia Gennusa twice, and I had very little trouble understanding her.  She sounded much more authentic, especially the second time.

This has to be one of the best performances of quiet I've heard! :) Just lay off the accent a bit Brooklyn- Matilda is English!! Great voice though!!!!

Correction: this is THE BEST performance of quiet there is- Lara Wollington from the West End!! Go London!!

I love this one by Hayley Canham her acting is wonderful


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