A Big Congrats to ME for being cast in Ridgewood High School and Thespian Troupe 3334's November production of "Annie". I will be be playing Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks. Ridgewood High School just completed production of their new auditorium, so they are making their high school productions be Community Theatre and are inviting the public to play roles that are age appropriate. I know it looks like I just got cast in the high school play, but that is not the case!

I wanted to get cast in a production in DeKalb, Il (the home of Northern Illinois University) and was pretty upset when I didn't. However, DeKalb is a considerable distance from my house, whereas Norridge is practically on my way home from work!

It just goes to prove the old adage, "you can't keep a good person down, so why even waste time trying?"

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Congratulations Jamey! Post pics when/if you can! (And, hey, another chance to shave the head...!)


Do you shave your head to play the role? I hate when actors don't.

I would but it is a short run. I don't want to not look like my headshot for 3 months for a role that will only lst a couple of weekends.

Well, that's a good point. I vote for a bald cap, then! :)

I have always slicked my hair back and sprayed it with blond hair spray. 


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