Hey!! Just saying that if you visit Annie the Musical's Facebook page, they've just added a new video of something was missing from the current tour!! :)

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Yes, there is a quick shot in LIGHTS, CAMERA, ANNIE! in which Pepper is in a dress waltzing with Daddy Warbucks and looking like a young lady instead of a tomboy. This was cut from the film. :( 

It seems like a lot of fun scenes with the orphans from the finale were cut.  Maybe the party scene was running too long.  In the ANNIE movie hardcover book, there is a scene of Annie and Daddy Warbucks dancing on the lawn.  Maybe that was cut, as well.

What a bummer!

I love this one by Conrad John Schuck. It's from the NETworks tour with Marissa O'Donnell !

That doesn't look like Shuck to me

No, that is definitely not Shuck. I'm a Trekkie, and I've watched him in Star Trek IV and VI as the Klingon Ambassador more times than I can count, so I know that's not him. :)

Pretty sure that is David Chernault.

I blame whoever posted the video. He's a good singer though!

BTW found this:


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