Hey!! Just saying that if you visit Annie the Musical's Facebook page, they've just added a new video of something was missing from the current tour!! :)

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From the clips I have seen, Annie seems to have very little emotions on her face. I'm surprised that Martin would have directed her that way.

I see a lot of emotions...I think she is playing it a bit more realistically than most Annie's

I couldn't find it on the website. But it's on the Annie Facebook page

Warbucks' singing is okay.   Annie looks like she's about to fall asleep.

Anthony Warlow is still the best singer I've heard as DW.  Same section of the song from the Broadway revival. Notice Lilla's expression.

I thought the same about Annie. She looks half asleep.

That one gives me chills

Yes I agree with everyone else here. Issie has very little expression compared to Lilla

Interesting (to me) bit of trivia.

I just happened to watch the "Lights, Camera, Annie!" documentary again this evening (the TV documentary about the making of the 1982 film) and noticed a quick, odd little bit.  In the segment where they show the audition process for casting Annie there is a brief 2 or 3 second shot of Aileen and the other finalists waltzing with the producers of the film.

The song the piano was playing for the waltz was "Something was Missing" which, ironically, was cut from the film itself.

Oh, that's a shame - I think Finney and Quinn would have done a lovely job with this number.

I agree with those who don't see much emotion from Annie here (or, maybe, the wrong emotion - she looks sad). But it's hard to judge from an under 60 second clip.

This was the hardest of my numbers to perform when I was a high school Warbucks. Demands a lot from some male voices! We ended up turning it into a duet with some altered lyrics (don't tell MTI!)

Is Taggett wearing two mics? I appreciate there's no going back in modern live theater, but I sure do think personal mics on the head and over the ear are distracting. 

I agree with you about the mics. I don't really understand it. I like it better when they have the little mic hidden in their hair just over their forehead. Are those more expensive I wonder? Seems like community theater usually has the "Madonna mics". I miss good old fashioned projecting and belting. (yes I know that cannot be done in big theaters anymore. People just aren't trained that way. It's a shame we have lost the Andreas and the JoAnnas)

All that said, anyone playing a traditional Daddy Warbucks would have trouble hiding a head mic. <g>

When I was in the part, I had my lavolier mic sticking through a buttonhole, behind a button. But that was a long time ago...


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