Found this video on YouTube of Jamie Foxx singing Something was Missing- personally, I think they should have left the song in the new film. I found it cool to see the actual footage, but it keeps going in & out which does get quite annoying after a while

Oh, and here is the video of the 'exclusive bloopers' from the 2014 film.

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I agree, they should have left it, it was a sweet scene, apart from how he tossed her on the bed, ouch!

That was adorable. It definitely should have been left in! Best scene in the movie (that wasn't in the movie). Thanks for sharing that.

I think the cut out bits are camera angles or inserts that were never filmed for the movie.

This song would have made the relationship in the movie make more sense from Stack's point of view.  They left in that goopy "The World is Yours" number instead.  Pity.

Does he take her shoes off before he pulls the covers over her?  

No he doesn't. I think that's meant to show he doesn't really know how to put a child to bed, not knowing anything about kids.

I am just glad that God-forsaken thing is gone and over with.  Now, if the tour would just end and MTI would start licensing that show again, I would be a lot happier!  


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