ok, so this is kinda random, but does anyone know anything about the SNL skit about Joanna Pacitti? I've never seen it and now I'm really curious about it but I can't find it online anywhere. Does anyone know where there is a video of it or does anyone have it?

it was on.... March 15, 1997, I think...

haha thanks! = ]

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I have it but it's on VHS so I can't upload it. Maybe Julie has it in her collection somewhere? It was part of "Weekend Update" and, IIRC, Cheri Oteri came out as Joanna talking about being fired and then they had Cheri Oteri as Brittny Kissinger come on in the red dress and wig and singing "Tomorrow" as a way of telling Joanna to stay optimistic. Joanna then started smoking and with the cigarette hanging out of her mouth grabbed a gun and started threatening people.

You won't find it on youtube or anything because "SNL" controls how all of their skits are distributed online. You will find next to nothing on youtube (unless it's extremely well-hidden) and it wasn't really a popular enough skit to be on the NBC website.
Omg, that almost sounds like a little much, smoking and a gun... since she was a little girl. but i bet it was still really funny to see if you knew the whole story.
Cheri plays Joanna and Ana Gasteyer played Brittny. Sorry for the typo. Couldn't figure out how to edit my original post.
I don't have it, Rachel, so if you want to lend me your tape, I'm happy to put it on this website. Let me know.
It was a funny skit. I might have it somewhere on VHS but wouldn't be able to upload it. The smoking was hysterical. I thought it was kick-*** and sort of how we'd imagine Joanna wanting to react. In other words, I'm sure she was angry at some point and wanted to lash out. I would have!


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