My daughter and I are going to the show tonight...  Can't wait to see it!  =) 

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Be sure to give us the scoop on how it is! Have we had any "reviews" of this years tour from any posters? I dont recall. Isnt this their last show?
The last show is tomorrow if I'm not wrong :(
You're right... There is another show today. We wanted to go to today's show, but tickets were pretty much sold out. We saw the 8:00 show yesterday and they had a 4:30 show as well. So, the 1st show got out 45 minutes before the 2nd curtain. I don't know how they did it.

There were a few times I was worried that maybe Madi was losing her voice, but it turned out that it was just how she was delivering the lines... She was fantastic! Holy cow... We really enjoyed her performance. That girl has a set of pipes on her! She was great. Mackenzie was just way too cute! And, from stage you could tell she was tiny, but afterward, she was just this tiny little thing, it was fun to watch her signing all those autographs. I loved that July got to sing her solo in Never Fully Dressed. I wasn't a big fan of how they've had them speaking that solo lately. She sounded great.

It was a packed house. My daughter and I were a little disappointed in the audience, they were a little lack-luster and at times where we thought they should applaud, we found that we were pretty much the only ones doing so. Like when Sandy makes his dash to Annie... We were surprised that no one really applauded for that. By the way, I thought that Madi did the dog-catcher scene amazingly! I think it was the best I've ever seen that scene.

We didn't really take many pictures. Only one with Madi. It was just a really small space and the girls were getting crowded, so it was just to hard. My daughter was disappointed that the girl playing Duffy left almost right away. She's the only orphan she didn't get to talk to. And very few adults came out. I only saw Daddy Warbucks but my daughter said she saw 1 other. She was hoping to see Miss. Hannigan but she never appeared.

Lynn was a great Miss, Hannigan. While watching her, I remembered when my daughter auditioned for the first leg of the non-eq tour (when Amanda was going to start playing Annie). I remember sitting in the parents holding room and someone from casting coming in saying that they had finally found someone to play Hannigan. They commented how she had gone to (and was cut from) 3 auditions before she was cast. Watching her, I couldn't imagine how she had slipped through their fingers that many times. She was perfect.

David was also another stand-out. I've read his blog from time to time and have come away with the impression that he is still in a bit of shock that he was cast in this role. Like he doubts he is talented enough maybe? I don't even know how to word that. Obviously he is a very humble man. He was truly a great Warbucks!

So, I mentioned I only saw Warbucks come out the stage door. This is because there is no way you could have missed it. Perhaps he does this at every show, I have no idea, but it made the standing in the crowd of people very enjoyable.... Someone came out the stage door playing Hail To The Chief, leading David right out. It was very funny. From the 1 or 2 pictures I've seen, I believe it was Madi's dad playing the trumpet.

I also thought I saw Martin there in the audience. Seeing as it is the closing weekend, perhaps it really was? We were across the room so I don't know for sure. My daughter asked what the people sitting near him would think if they knew who he was. She said "Could you even imagine sitting near Martin Charnin while watching Annie? How cool would that be?"
OK, I think I'm wrong here........ Thinking about it, I think I was wrong...... I think that the trumpet player actually led FDR out the door, not David........ Which totally negates what I said about only seeing one adult come out. But, I was wracking my brain thinking about it and I think it was FDR, not David. Which, honestly, makes so much more sense, lol.......
The girl who plays duffy is Laura Spineti, correct? I've been so curious about that girl. She is NEVER in pictures with any of the other girls on their blogs. Like legit i've seen her in maybe 2 pictures tops all the months this leg of the tour has been going on and I read all the tour blogs regularly. She never participates in any of the activities and such with the other girls. It's strange. Anyone else read the blogs and notice this?

Thanks for the review RLS! I was just wondering, are you still in contact with Momof6? Whatever happened to those guys?
I had noticed that too! Even at the beggining of the tour she was barely in any pictures. Strange.
I've noticed that also. It's really strange, coz I've seen all the other girls' blogs and she was never mentioned.
Yeah, I noticed too. I found it strange because the girls from the tour always look like they're very close.
I noticed it too that she hasn't really been in pictures I've seen. I just figured it was because I haven't really looked at any blogs or anything that often this tour. I guess maybe they are just a really private family?

I talk to Momof6 pretty regularly. They are loving Atlanta. We are meeting up for a weekend in NYC in a few months. =)
Hi RLS ! Thanks for the review. Did you mean Madison speaks softly or was hoarse or??
Please tell Mom of 6 we miss her !

LOL, Meghan, I remember the name changes too...that is odd about Laura? I don't really follow this leg of the tour so I hadn't noticed.
Maybe her parents want her to spend a lot of time on school work? Just a guess...
I was wondering too about Laura. Maybe you're right with school. I can't even imagine how these kids keep up with their curriculums when they're on the road. There is sooooo much to be learned nowadays. But I'm not saying that touring isn't a great experience!
RLS - Yes, I think that Martin was in the audience at Sat's show from the cast party pics. Lucky you.
old fan, what I meant was that at certain lines Madison sounded a bit raspy. Like in the opening when she's in her fight with Pepper. At first I thought she was losing her voice but as she went on and it happened a few more times (like when Drake asks to take her coat and she asks if she'll get it back), I realized that it was really in how she was delivering the lines...

She said it a bit lower and grumbly. It fit very well and it sounded really good. But at irst before I realized she was doing it on purpose, I was afraid that she was losing her voice. I think it was really because I have seen the show a million times and hear it one way in my head. I don't know that anyone else thought that, lol......

Also, I know that people have complained about the odd way she and Daddy Warbuck delivered the sing.speak lines in Anything But You... I just wanted to say that I thought they sounded really great while doing that. It was really cute and brought a big laugh from the audience.

FanAnnie, where have you seen pictures from the cast party? I was curious where it was held since we're from here. My daughter has actually performed at the same theater several times. I haven't really followed any of the blogs this year so I don't even know what cast members have them to look at besides a few of the kids.

Meghan, my daughter is well, thanks for asking. She's been keeping very busy. Lots of things going on around here! =)


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