Even though it is literally 100 miles from my house, I auditioned for and got cast to play...(WAIT FOR IT)...Oliver Warbucks at State 212 in LaSalle, Il.  It is Community Theatre so it there is no pay involved. Now the only thing I have to negotiate is how to drive 2 hours one way to do their show.  They are doing 4 show a week for 3 weeks, so it is a nice,long run.  It is a beautiful theatre and I get to do the show with Jenny, but that drive may be the death (or the financial ruin) of me!  

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Congratulations!  Break a leg! 

Maybe have someone go with you so they can drive home after the show?

From your mouth to God's ears.  I was hoping I could ride in with the choreographer, but she seems to be there on nights when I am not called.  I floated something out on in the Facebook page, but no one has stepped up to the plate.  We'll see!

*waves at Jamey*

The choreography is gonna be the death of ME! :p

Congrats to the both of you!



Be sure to post the entire show on youtube! ;)

I agree Sophia, hope it gets posted.

(I think that is illegal!)

awww it is?

too bad! would have loved to see whole the show! ( i wouldn't tell lol)

I wonder if this is the first time two of us AO forum members have been in Annie together. (minus you pros)

Interesting question  Jenny, I wonder what the answer is?

Break a leg, to you and to Jenny! Wish I could see the show!


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