I saw the show last night with my Husband and 8yr old.  I first have to say TORI was AMAZING!!!!!  She was so incredibly loveable.  She met my daughter after the show and it reminded me when I met Allison Smith.  Tori was so sweet to her and just a great great kid with a proud Dad.  It was a memory my daughter will never forget.  Tori reminded me voice wise a lot of Allison.  Very powerful.  She was one of the strongest Annie's along with Lilla I have seen in a very long time.  

Ok on with the rest.....The orphans were ok.  The Director really has them very mousy instead of tough.  Molly split singing Maybe with Annie and this was totally unnecessary.  Tori is so powerful this should have been her complete song.  There was just no need.  Molly was very very mousy.  The Director really needs to toughen up these kids.

Miss Hannigan's voice is AWESOME.  Her acting.....I missed the toughness once again. 

The Adults in the cast were exceptional.  Warbucks, Grace, Rooster, Lily, FDR, Drake all very very strong.  I was not crazy about the sets.  They were dark and gloomy.  I thought the first act went way too fast.  The cast was rushing.  They also took the kids out of NYC and a lot of other areas.  They really didn't utilize the kids to the best of their ability.

I thought it was overall very good and a fantastic choice in Tori.  

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Thanks for the review, Debbie. Glad to hear Tori was on and is a great Annie. (Allison  is one of my favorites so the comparison is interesting) Otherwise I guess there were a few disappointments as well as high points.I'm  glad you & your family enjoyed the show and meeting Tori.

(Can you remember what meeting Allison was like? I'd be interested.She was not  out when I saw her do the show Thanks)

Allison was so sweet!  There were so many kids getting her autograph.  Last night West Palm was a one nighter so the kids basically ran to the bus.  Tori was super nice and I think had other people she knew there.

The one thing I think is ridiculous is we bought a colored program and it was SOOOO OLD.  No new cast members not even an insert.  It was when Sydney Shuck was in the show a few years ago.  It's ridiculous they are selling them.  I wish I had looked before we bought it. 

Glad you enjoyed seeing Tori - I've heard so many good things about her and would absolutely love to see her in the role!

I do feel like a lot of small unnecessary changes have been made to the tour this year. Apparently they've changed 'the jig is up' to 'you're arrested' and taken out the part where Annie calls Sandy in tomorrow.
When I saw the show in Chicago in November, Tori sang Maybe all by herself. Wonder why they decided to change it.
When I saw the show in January Macy was coughing in that scene. So I am wondering if that's what they took that out.
Macy, the dog, was coughing during Tomorrow? I didn't know dogs could cough.
They can.

I can't believe that there are no clips of her singing from the show. 

I was supposed to see the show in Wilkes Barre, PA, in March, but my dad was in the hospital and I stayed with him instead.  Glad you enjoyed the show.


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