On the wbesite it says she is only Duffy. what happened?

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to be fair though....the new Pepper is on the shorter side for the role

Sadie used to be a little shorter than Taylor.

Sadie is clearly shorter

She WAS often appears she hit a growth spurt and is now taller than Taylor

I find it funny that everyone assumes that quote (if correct) literally refers to the dressing room. I think it means that Annie is a very demanding role and everyone was putting a lot of pressure on Sadie. Whereas being an orphan is a lot less pressure and they are actually treated like kids and able to have a bit of fun.

I agree with you Stephie.  I can understand Sadie discovering that being Annie comes with a lot of pressure.

On Annie The Musical's Facebook, someone asked about Sadie and Taylor. It is comfirmed only Taylor is playing Annie. (We all knew that though)

Sadie is participating in a reading this month.  Sounds good.  :-)

I got this message from a cast member about Sadie:  

Its an awfully hard range for most and it would've ruined her beautiful voice....She is alright because they stopped and that is a good thing because one day she is going to star in Tuck Everlasting and she is going to be amazing in that role!!!


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