On the wbesite it says she is only Duffy. what happened?

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I think it's unfair to assume that the show had her step down from the role. We shouldn't be so quick to jump to the worst conclusion. She is a very talented young lady, and it may be that there are other projects on her plate right now. It may have been her family's choice to have her step down from the role so that she can concentrate on other things. As others have pointed out, she will most likely still be an understudy and have a chance to perform the role again.

Agreed. I think you should all calm down a little. I highly doubt this is anything like what happened before. As Sadie once said in an interview not too long ago, she currently resides in New Jersey and takes the train back and forth every single day, she's probably getting tired as the other girls all still are living in New York. Annie is a demanding role and with the traveling, it would be hard for me to think she wouldn't be getting tired. Taylor has also had more time in the role, so she's probably used to it by now.

I think that is too bad for both girls as one is now Duffy and the other has to do all 8 shows. That seems like an awful lot for a girl. Could this have been a mutual decision? Maybe its a voice issue. I remember Lilla having voice strain and having to take time off. With just a couple months left it would be awful to damage your voice.

I doubt that she was pulled from the role, why would they do that?  There must be some explanation, but I do think it's odd that the show didn't make any announcement, if only to discourage any drama caused by people jumping to conclusions.  You'd think they would know better.

Has anyone on this forum been to one of the performances lately in which Sadie was scheduled to play Annie, like this afternoon's performance or Tuesday evening's or tomorrow's matinee performance?  Has she or will she be playing the role this week?  That will settle any question.  You people are jumping to conclusions without any concrete evidence.  All we need is for someone who has or will see anyone of her scheduled performances and tell us here on the forum whether she was Annie or not, just that simple.  She will either be Annie in the 3 above shows or she will not.  No one on this forum has yet to say they were at one of her scheduled performances and she wasn't playing Annie.  It seems like a lot of speculation and trying to read between the lines of an article, is all I see.

Well i prove with link i provide and also i look at taylor richardson facebook page and it used to say she originated role of duffy and also plays annie. Now it says she plays annie. Nothing else.

Since the production appeared to be 100% behind her it's possible she wasn't able to sustain the demands of the title role due to exhaustion or vocal damage. Her choices were probably leave the show, or stay as Duffy.

Also they would had to find a new duffy really quick if she left show because this like said was unexpected

I still stick by my original statement.  When someone goes to one of Sadie's scheduled shows (Tuesday evening, Sat & Sun matinee) an she is NOT performing Annie (and someone else is) then I would say she was no longer playing the role.  Till we know that information for sure, it's all speculation.   A few more hours will prove my point one way or the other.

I just was looking at Bill Berloni's twitter, and there is a pic of a girl and Mikey, on the floor looking at a script.  The caption says "understudy rehearsal"... I can't tell who the girl is (doesnt look like Sadie or Skye Alyssa Friedman) but she must be the Annie u/s.

It seems pretty clear most likely she got something else and will be most likely moving on!!!!! Could the girl be Sophia Caruso?

I REALLY hope this is about Sadie getting another role and nothing negative.


On another note...I said I was bummed that the new Annie movie did not use Bill Berloni but apparently that is his dog


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