On the wbesite it says she is only Duffy. what happened?

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Sadie was not cast in ANNIE before it started. She was cast as a temp cover in Dec 2012 or maybe Jan. And I assume rehired as a perm after Tuck was cancelled. If you watch The Hard Knock Life Doc, she is not in it all all and not at any rehearsals.

Actually in one scene in the hard knock life doc. you can see her and Brooklyn off to the side. I assume they were both hired during preview sand announced later after they had learned their roles


the scene you can see her in is the one where they do a last minute change in the choreo and are rehearsing in the can see Brooklyn and Sadie with their scripts/music watching

Also one of girls that bot cast but daughter of set design looks like brooke too it could of been her

If you look at the documentary about 47 minutes in you can clearly see Brooklyn and what I truly think is Sadie...Red hair and they are marking the choreography so I doubt it is someone else

Yes, that's 100% Brooklyn and Sadie! Never noticed that before, thanks for the tip!

You are wrong on your dates.  I saw Annie last November and Sadie was in the program and I met her after the show at the stage door.  I asked her when she would be going on and she said "When ever they need me!"  with a smile on her face.  :)

Same here. I saw her at the stage door with the other orphans when I went to see the show in November last year.

Thanks for the clarification Hello Dolly. Sounds like I was indeed wrong on the SC topic! However, I just do not understand going from a top billing as Annie (Sadie) back down to Duffy. Especially over a dressing room! Crazy.....Excited to see who else is in the SOM cast. Seems like Telsey n Co is just getting bigger and bigger!

I saw the show in December and remember Sadie in the program.  I think Sadie joined the show during previews but before the official opening. I think Brooklyn joined the show a few months after opening, but when the original orphans were still there.  

But none of the kids came out, except Lilla, after the matinee I saw.  I saw the lady who played Grace.  I wish I had seen the dogs too.  

Hi, longtime reader, first time poster.

There's actually not much of a story to this...I have it from a reliable source that Sadie wanted to go back to just playing Duffy.

Well I def. hope that is true...Annie is a big role and a lot for any 11 year old to handle...She has a great future ahead of her


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