On the wbesite it says she is only Duffy. what happened?

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Seriously:  does anyone know what is going on here? 


I personally really liked Sadie's voice as Annie...not a huge belt but good power and great emotion when she sings

I really want to know what happened, too.  I'm assuming she's at least still the would hope she gets to perform the role at least once or twice a week like Taylor did with Lilla.  But it's such a shame that they would take it from her when there are only 3 months left to the run, unless it was a mutual decision.

On her instagram it says she is still sharing the role so maybe its just a mistake or something

If it's on the website, I doubt it's a mistake.  She was on there as Annie/Duffy, and now she's not - that seems like a pretty deliberate change.

there is only a couple months left...I can't believe they did that.  She was just as good as Taylor

I have the full audio of Sadie on Broadway and she is wonderful.  The videos of her are amazing too.  I don't care if she does not have the traditional belt.  She has a beautiful voice and her acting is very good.  I hope she is still sharing the role.  

I agree completely...she emotes so well and has a beautiful voice with more than enough power for Annie.  Before the cast anyone I had seen a youtube video of her and remember thinking she would be wonderful in the role

On playbillvault it says she is still annie!! Don't worry she is still playing annie
Sites has made mistakes before like billy elliot us tour done it before and also annie site still has casey as sunny u/s so it must be a mistake
No i think it could not be a mistake in this article it only say taylor richardson is annie

I can't believe they did this they not learn...seems like they are trying to keep it hushed up...not get the media involved.


Such a shame...Sadie was really good

That is a bad decision.  They should not have taken her out of the role.  She is great.  She also did it regionally and did well there.  She is as good as Taylor.  I would want to quit the show if they took the role away from me and I had to stay in the show with a lesser role, when I had been given the title role.  They appeared to give her only three shows a week and they gave Taylor five.  I think Taylor is great and it is not her fault, but she has done it a long time and Sadie just started the role July 30.  I guess she is glad she got to be Annie for a while at least, but she should still be sharing the role.  This is sad like the Joanna thing, but at least Joanna did not have to stay in the cast and watch someone else do the role she had been given.  Katie was miscast and they did not fire her as Hannigan.  I guess they just treat kids differently than adults in show business, or at least in Annie. 


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