As, I think, we all know, Sadie's brother, Micheal, is currently part of the company of A Christmas Story, which is playing at the Madison Square Garden theatre. I saw the show Monday night and as I was walking out, I saw Sadie, Micheal, and their father running out of the stage door. It had probably, at the most, been five minutes after the curtain call. I'm guessing that Sadie saw the show as Annie is dark on Monday nights. Their father wouldn't let either child give an autograph or take a picture, however Sadie was sweet to the little girls who asked for one, thanking them and wishing them a Merry Christmas. 

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"Annie" did have a show Monday at 7:00pm; they were dark Tuesday for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
I would guess there was just enough time after Sadie finished the evening show for them to hurry over and pick up Mitchell when his show finished up.

There is a cute picture of Mitchell Sink and Taylor Richardson, by the way, taken backstage following the matinee performance of a Christmas Story on Monday posted up on Taylor's twitter.

HA, brings back memories of Broadway veteran John Collum when he was in two different shows at the same time.  He had to rush in and rush out also.  Good for Sadie!


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