From Martin’s daughter’s FB page:

Our father passed away. Martin Charnin lived a very full life. He was watching Family Feud at the end, laughing with Shelly in bed at the hospital. He suffered a minor heart attack on the 3rd and tried to hold on for all us. His strength was astounding. He’s in a painless place, now. Probably looking for Cole Porter and Ira Gershwin. We adored Daddy and not fully accepting it yet. He loved and lived his best! He was the best father we could have ever imagined. He is survived by his wife, all of his kids and his three grandchildren, several dogs, cats and a kid with no pupils. And as loving as he was has kept all of us completely directionless. Which way do we go Daddy? Damn. But like he said and as corny as this sounds...the sun’ll will come out tomorrow. Rest In Peace, Daddy. We love you. #martincharnin @ New Rochelle, New York

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I'm still stunned by this news.
My condolences to Sasha and her family, as well as Martin's friends and colleagues.


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