So I was talking to an Annie friend of mine. She said she missed the "Rainbow Dresses" at the end of the show (revival).

I said that I kinda missed the look, but they never made any sense to me until I started coming to this forum and found out why they were even being worn.

Anyway, this friend and I cooked up this added part to the show. We thought it would be cute if there was a part of a scene where Warbucks talks about getting presents for Annie's orphan friends.

These would be the Rainbow Dresses. They could all open the packages  under the tree.

And maybe look them over and such when the lines are being said about classrooms and no more hot mush and good families for all of them.

How'd Warbucks know sizes? Well Annie would have fair idea of course :)

Then they could come out at the end with them on.

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Ok I never knew why they wore the rainbow dresses and I'm an old timer. Feel me in.

If I have this right.....It's to show that they aren't orphans anymore. FDR says they will all get nice families.

In Annie Warbucks, Warbucks and Grace end up adopting all five or six of 'em.

In Annie: A Royal Adventure, Molly gets adopted by a nice British family (that moves to America - go figure).

I had forgotten the FDR line. I wonder if it was in our production? It's nice to think the happy ending for all the girls is assured by the time the curtain falls.

Those look great! It would be nice to know by the end of the show - the rainbow dresses are a cool idea. In one story I came up with idea how they could arrange it so Molly is adopted at the end (basically Annie is seen whispering to Daddy warbucks like "remember what I asked you before?" as the girls march shouting "no more mush," Molly sees it, skips the last "no more mush chant and runs excitedly over to them (since they're march around she wouldn't have far to go, she'd be real close) for a brief hug and stands with them as the talk is of a wonderful new family. But, I never thought of something like that to signify all of them getting adopted. I like the idea of a line from FDR about all of them getting nice families. I don't recall if that line was at our local Players Guild or not when they had it.

And, yes, Annie would have told him approximate sizes. She obviously told them about how much work went on.


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