Question about this photo of the original Broadway cast

I count eight orphans here apart from Andrea. Who is the extra one?

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the swing orphan. this is actually from Annie xmas special. Janine Ruane was already out replaced by Kathy Jo Kelly. but she is in the pic in orphan garb, not the rainbow dress.. and the swing orphan is there too.
Six of them are in Rainbow dresses and two are in orphan dresses. That would tend me to think that there weren't in "New Deal For Christmas". Swings? In fact, look at the orphan standing next to the person next to Reid Shelton (audience left, stage right). She is about the same height as Andrea and has the same feathered hair as Annie does at the beginning of the show. I will bet that she is Annie's understudy.
Actually that's Donna Graham who played Duffy.
Shelley Bruce was Andrea's understudy and went on to replace her when she left.

I'm not sure when that happened, but I'm gonna guess not much longer after this. Andrea is looking pretty tall for an Annie here.
In this photo are:

Left side: Donna Grahan (standing in rainbow dress)
Kathy Jo Kelly - sitting in rainbow dress
Janine Ruane - sitting in orphan dress
Danielle Brisebois - sitting in rainbow dress

Right side:
Diana Barrows - kneeling in rainbow dress
Kim Fedena - kneeling in orphan dress
Robyn Finn - kneeling in rainbow dress
Shelley Bruce - standing in rainbow dress

I believe this is the cast of the "Annie Christmas Special." Janine Ruane had already left the show and Kim Fedena was the swing orphan.

That solves that mystery. Now, did Donna Grahan understudy Andrea?
No, never.
Did Janine leave the show because she got too old?
Yes, she did. She was the biggest of the girls and left when her grandparents wanted to take her on a trip to Ireland ( from an article on this site) I don't know if she was told she would be leaving or knew her time was coming ! This also happened to Laura Dean who did not get to be in the Broadway cast from Goodspeed according to Martin because "she was becoming a young lady."
I think she had a little time left on her contact but choose to go on the trip. She would have been leaving shortly anyway.

When exactly did Janine Ruane leave the show? Wasn't it at the end of 1977, or the fall of 1977? I suppose they taped or filmed the Annie Christmas special in the summer of that year. 

I don't see a picture LOL

Can you post the picture again please?  We can't see it anymore.  :(


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