Dream Hannigans for the ANNIE 2012 revival!

Can anyone replace Dorothy Loudon. Probably not, but here are some interesting choices Playbill has for their Hannigan. My favorites being Beth Leavel, Betty Buckley and Andrea McArdle. 

Who would you choose? (This list is not in any particular order)

1.) Andrea McArdle

2.) Rosie O'Donnell

3.) Betty Buckley

4.) Kristen Chenoweth

5.) Beth Leavel

6.) Lillias White

7.) Andrea Martin

8.) Elaine Page

9.) Jane Lynch

10.) Tyne Daley

11.) Bernadette Peters

12.) Patti LuPone

13.) Christine Ebersole 

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I'm just trying to figure how all of them would be in the role...And I could only see Andrea because of what I've seen her do as Hannigan. And I think Andrea would be cooler as Lily not Hannigan. And well...Out of this list, I like the Peters idea. 

After looking through them, from what i know of them, I too think that Andrea Martin would be hilarious.

I'd love to see Andrea McArdle as at least in it as "Star to Be"!

Jane lynch
Lovvve it

I don't imagine Lupone,Peters,Buckley,or Page would even remotely consider this (yes... I realize we are talkin' dreams here) 

Jane Lynch has a really good gig right now... though she would be a scream! Tyne Daly would have been great 20 years ago.

(She was fantastic in Gypsy!) Does someone see something in Christine Ebersole that I don't? outwardly too attractive and elegant. Andrea Martin would be a hoot and a holla and might appreciate a good trot on the boards. Rosie might just push and shove all these others "outta da way" for this...but would I want to see it? ya...but  footage of your "tryouts" don't lie. I freely admit to not knowing Ms. Leavel's work. Lillias White could be a lot of fun. Kristen Chenowith is the worst suggestion for this I have ever heard! ....

My number one pick is a realistic one... she is funny and dramatic, can belt a song big time,can dance, could look right... who is not on the list and who deserves to be back on Broadway is one of the most UNDER rated performers in show biz...



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