Dream Hannigans for the ANNIE 2012 revival!

Can anyone replace Dorothy Loudon. Probably not, but here are some interesting choices Playbill has for their Hannigan. My favorites being Beth Leavel, Betty Buckley and Andrea McArdle. 

Who would you choose? (This list is not in any particular order)

1.) Andrea McArdle

2.) Rosie O'Donnell

3.) Betty Buckley

4.) Kristen Chenoweth

5.) Beth Leavel

6.) Lillias White

7.) Andrea Martin

8.) Elaine Page

9.) Jane Lynch

10.) Tyne Daley

11.) Bernadette Peters

12.) Patti LuPone

13.) Christine Ebersole 

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Like I said on FB? I think K. Chenoweth would be great but is now too young and pretty and would steal the show away from the rest of the cast. Maybe in a few years...
And Andrea, from the videos of her as Miss Hannigan I've seen here, not a very good choice.

my dream Hannigan is someone who is extremely talented in all the right ways who is  NOT a "name". Annie should stand on it's own, not be reduced to a star power vehicle

I totally agree! But then again, I'm one who would think that a Broadway star is a bigger deal than a Hollywood A-lister!

To pretty much everyone on, Beth Leavel is probably the best choice. She's not a movie star, but she is a Broadway star. 

Bette Middler could totally pull it off! 

I would love it if Bette did this role!!! She's one of my favorite performers! She has the singing and acting chops and can totally pull it off!

I bet she would make a great Hannigan since she has a great voice, wonderful sense of humor, and a cruel look. (I only saw her once in "Hocus Pocus."

You know who would be perfect ( not on the list) if she can sing? Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms!

Her voice is very often hoarse so I doubt she can sing. But she'd quite a natural at the character, you're absolutely right!

Karen Morrow would be my choice. She is a fantastic performer.

I agree. She still sounds great!

I also think Faith Prince is an interesting option.


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